Same day delivery

Packages are delivered on the day of shipment, at any time. Around the clock! You don't have to conform to the courier anymore - we work so that it's the most convenient for you.

They trusted us:

Send as a private or as a B2B customer, using one account

We provide our services for both businesses and individuals. Do you run a business, but want to send a personal package? No problem. Your account supports that. Fast and effectively.

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Become a driver and earn money

Are you looking for a job that will meet your expectations? You do not have to look any more. Expect flexible working hours, a considerable salary and zero boredom!

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app coming soon

Manage your package using your phone. You can track the package, change delivery address or time, and even contact the courier. The app is available on Google Play Store and App Store.


Where we operate

We are already in four Polish cities and we grow stronger steadily. Follow the link below and check the areas where we operate.